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Partners International has more than 15-years’ experience developing mission-critical applications and providing systems integration and software maintenance services to our clients. We are small in size, but long in experience. Over the years, our engagement model has adapted to the ever-increasing scope and complexity of software systems. By working with Partners, you will benefit from this experience without losing the level of attention that a small consulting firm can provide.

What we do

We provide dedicated technical expertise, consulting and development services through a mix of onsite and offshore teams.

Application Development – Examples of custom software solutions we have developed include: CRM/xRM, Grant Management, Program and Case Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Investment Portfolio Management

Application Maintenance – In addition to new software development, Partners engineers also have broad experience in taking on maintenance of legacy systems, extracting knowledge and business rules form undocumented systems and code. We will keep your systems operational while we work to improve, re-engineer or replace them

System Integration – Partners engineers have applied their skills to implementing COTS (consumer off the shelf); data migration; data warehouse; API development & integration projects

Technologies – Key areas of expertise include Microsoft.NET (web, mobile, desktop), Microsoft SQL, MS Azure, MS SharePoint, MS Power BI, MS Office integration

Consulting, Planning and Code Reviews – More details provided in the Consulting Services section

How we do it

Partners is a firm believer in Agile software development practices and methodologies. Software needs are constantly changing in line with new organizational and business challenges. Moreover, most of our clients cannot afford to spend a significant amount of time defining requirements only to see those requirements change by the time software is put into place. Partners believes that the most successful projects are ones that have short incremental delivery cycles, where our clients can begin to interact with the software early on in the development process, provide ongoing feedback while at the same time delivering value to the client more quickly.

We will apply key agile practices in line with the needs and capabilities of each client. What this means in reality is a pragmatic Agile approach that includes:

  1. Initial business analysis and discovery
  2. Providing a roadmap and specific approaches to develop or transform your organization’s technology solutions
  3. Listening and agreeing on a development and delivery strategy
  4. Providing project, tracking, communication and knowledge sharing tools that allow our clients to have complete transparency in the progress of the project.
  5. Developing solutions in short semi-weekly increments, with regular feedback and review sessions with clients

Contract Models

Partners offers a range of contract models:

Fixed Time – Fixed Price Projects are delivered on a fixed budget and within predefined timelines.

Fixed Capacity – Partners provides a dedicated team for a fixed fee and predefined duration

Time and Materials – Partners provides a team at a fixed hourly or daily rate.

Service Level Agreement – Partners works with client to define SLAs that are monitored on a quarterly or monthly basis. The software team works at a fixed hourly or daily rate, within the parameters of the SLA.

What can we build for you?

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